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AO Art Ball #2773

AO Art Ball #2773

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AO ArtBall exists at the intersection of sport and innovation, a membership that unlocks a new arena to keep fans in the game – on and off the court.

Membership is accessible via the AO ArtBall, a collection of 6776 NFTs from the AO22 collection and 2454 NFTs from AO23 collection, providing holders with an unprecedented level of tickets from premier tennis, sport, and entertainment events as well as unique rewards from leading web3 projects covering both real life event and virtual worlds.

Each ArtBall is linked to a ~17 x 17cm plot on the AO court. If the winning shot from any of the ~400 AO matches lands on that plot, the ArtBall is updated in near real-time to highlight the match information. Winning balls are also upgraded to feature icons and holographic stickers on the ball casing, signifying their winning status.

Own the ball, Own the court, Own the moment.

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